Ege Strategic Research Center

The basic mission of Ege Strategic Research Center (ESAM) is to create scientific and academic knowledge on national, regional and global issues, through geopolitical and geostrategic researches on Turkey's neighbors and other regional countries. For this purpose, studying both the region and wider world is one of the leading aims of the institution. Since being academic, scientific and impartial are the basic principles of ESAM, refraining from prejudices or interests is nothing but a mission for us. Hence, preparing platforms for research, evaluation and discussions, encouraging individuals who have wide scientific visions, beliefs in reachable peace and enlightened minds with knowledge is the target we want to achieve.

Thank you for your attention and for your cooperation in sharing the news of our upcoming programs. If you no longer wish to receive emails from the ESAM, please send us an email at esam@mail.ege.edu.tr indicating this.

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Ege University Strategic Research Center